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Waiting for Implementation

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 26, 2010

“I am working and living in men dominating country where they canon and power in their hands,” Naheed Mirza said.I am still facing problem while the bill of “Protection against Harassment at Workplace Bill 2009” passed by the National Assembly will help ensure safe working environment for women working in different fields. President Asif Ali Zardari signed the harassment bill in a ceremony, making it a law.

According to the bill whosever makes any sound or gesture, utters any word, exhibits any object or demands sexual favour from women at workplace would face the punishment.

The objective of the bill is to create a safe working environment for women, free of harassment, abuse and intimidation with a view to fulfill their right to work with dignity and honour.

The bill was part of a comprehensive bill originally moved by former information minister Sherry Rehman when she got the serious appeal and applications from Saadia Sehar Haidari working lady in Government media organization .She took serious action over all those application against harassment at workplace.

Samina Anwar working woman she told that I am very upset in this male-chauvinist milieu .Many times I thought to quit my job but I have to shoulder of my family members at the cost of lynx eyed male colleagues in the office.

 Nazia her colleague of her shared the same view and said that women at their workplaces required better environment without compromising their dignity. We always face annoying to unenduring and indecent postures during work.

 Sehar, a workingwoman said that she changed her profession due to taunting and uncomfortable attitude of her male colleagues and boss.

Along with this Bill, the prompt legislation over Bill against Domestic Violence will also ensure far more secure places for womenfolk’s whether they are at homes or at their workplaces.

Fariha Rahman, reporter in local newspaper said that protection against armament at workplace bill 2009 was passed but there is not implementation over it. She explained that if we have any problem and complain against male-chauvinist milieu then where we should go for complaint. There is no special place, complaint office and council for ladies to submit their requests even though in our office there is no such a department for complaint. Government did not take action of implementation of this protection bill yet. In this case mostly women keep silent because they have no surety to cling with their jobs after the complaint .Action plan of implementation of this harassment bill to protect the women in workplace still pending, it should be done,’ she added.

First case of harassment raise from Radio Pakistan after passed the that lady was transferred after her voice that is not substitute of this circumstance. After a long time came an effective bar in the shape of Protection against Harassment at Workplace Bill 2009 after a prompt and effective legislation to ensure a better environment to women at their specific workplace.

Humaira sharif working lady said that there is no roadmap and infrastructure assembles about the Protection against Harassment at Workplace Bill 2009.She said that there is no job security for ladies if they stand for their right. All large organizations run by male and they exploit female rights at working place. Some time organization sacked the lady who raises harassment issue against her male colleagues. She said “Its implementation may take some time because women are shy of raising their voices against unwanted things.”

The legislation is expected to break the jinx associated with the concept of ‘go Scot free’ for the eves teasers often emboldened in the absence of effective legislation.

It is laden with exemplary punishment for male colleagues having fiendish intentions will surely result in triumph of meek voices vying for their protection for a long time. The associated Amended Criminal Bill will amend both Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and Criminal Procedure Code (Cr PC), enhancing punishment for the crime to three years in prison and a fine of up to Rs.500,000. It also proposes penalties including demotion, compulsory retirement and dismissal from services. The inclusion of new clause 509-A clearly says “Whoever makes sexual advances or demands sexual favour or uses written or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which intends to annoy, intimidate or threaten the other person or commits such acts at the premises of work place, or makes submission to such conduct shall be punished for three years.”

 According to available details, the code of conduct and procedure had also been included in the bill which provides behavioral guidelines for all employees, including management of the organization for ensuring a working environment free of harassment. “Harassment is one of the most common issues faced by the women of Pakistan. They face intimidation in the marketplace, in buses, at bus stops and at workplace,” the Bill says.

The legal experts and rights activists of the Federal Capital are of the view that prior to it, there are no specific laws dealing with workplace harassment. They say till the introduction of the Bill, women had no legal recourse to justice against their colleagues, supervisors or employers who while taking undue advantage of familiarity tried to intimidate the weaker segments of society with immunity.

It is generally observed that women all over the world and in our own country are subjected to varying degrees of discrimination, exploitation and violence. Harassment at workplace is a very serious issue as it has been related to the right of women to live with honor. To protect women against harassment at workplace, the government had taken special measures by starting formulation of the bill which would be an effective piece of legislation.

Mrs Sanam Advocate, a well known face in the city courts, commented that she also stresses for creation of more awareness about female rights besides, swift implementation by involving all stakeholders.

Hafsa Saeeda , a social and rights activist of a non-governmental organization, replies that females are generally deprived of their rights and an effective legal mechanism leading to punishment is expected with this development. The legislation emphasizes the need to change traditional view on women at workplace and also to be conscious about cultural, social and religious norms and values in our daily life to avoid this type of problem,” she added.

Chairman Pakistan Human Rights Society, opined that various provisions of Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed protection to women rights including Articles 24, 34 and 37.He said quick legislation and sound litigation would yield desired results. While a section of experts cautioned against misuse of legislation especially in rural areas where it could be used to settle old scores.

“By harassment I mean making unwanted advances of a sexual, aggressive or intimidating nature that seeks to undermine or diminish the female’s value in the work place,” Kashmala Tariq MNA of  PML(Q) explained The Protection against Harassment at Workplaces Bill 2009”, to create a safe working environment for the women free of harassment, abuse and intimidation with a view to fulfill their right to work with dignity.

There was dire need for an exclusive act to tackle the growing issue after the ratio of working women had been kept on increasing. This protection bill only accumulate for those women who are working out side from their homes what about the protection for those ladies who are harassed,abused, killing in the name of honor and intimidation by their family male members.


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Revolution against Government policies

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 20, 2010

Police open fire over public in Barakaho and Faizabad

Revolution is coming in Pakistan against scarcity of livelihoods and influence .People are rising against fail management of the Government.

A violent protest against inflated public transport fares spread from the federal capital to its twin city, Rawalpindi, on Friday as rock-throwing demonstrators in Islamabad blocked a main road leading to the airport and police fired warning shots and teargas to stop protesters.

Police said the violence prompted the government to rescind the fare increase late on Thursday, but the protests continued on Friday with students demanding the release of protesters arrested the day before. Protesters said more than a dozen students were in police custody, and complained that the rate list had not been revised for Rawalpindi.

Twin City Transport Union President Malik Sultan Awan told Daily Times, “There was no public transport on the roads of the twin cities because of the violent protests and a token strike.”

Awan said the increase in fares was “the only option left for the Punjab government and transporters”.

“The decision to increase the fares was made y the Punjab government … how can the chief commissioner revise the rate list?” he questioned. He said a notification on the revised fares was only applicable in Islamabad.

In Rawalpindi, demonstrators took to the streets at around 10am and blocked Murree-Bhara Kahu Road, jamming traffic on Islamabad Expressway, IJ Principal Road and Murree Road. Enraged protesters blamed the administration for failing to rein in transporters charging inflated fares. Protesters burnt tyres, smashed windows of shops and vehicles, set ablaze a car and blocked roads. They also pelted police with stones, injuring at least nine policemen.

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Letter to GOD

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 18, 2010

A letter to God
Oh God. I am tiered
My nerves are out of order
My senses are no more active
My whole body is shaken
I am tortured
I am sad
I am no more in to that old faithful situation
I f I do some protest this time
I hope you will not mind
I am helpless
I am betrayed
I am cheated
I am shattered
I may not believe in this world again
But the biggest damage is my broken relation with you
Please do not give me what I asked or have wished once
But please give me back my blind trust in you
Dear God
I miss you so much

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Fighting in the name of GOD Or……

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 13, 2010

Sikh,Christain,Muslim,Jewish stand to solve the problems


Why do they fellow humans fight each other? Why they are destroying and burning the church, temple, mosque and tombs etc? Why they are burning and tearing the Holy books of each other? Why they are slaughtering their brothers and sisters in the name of religious. That is the burning question that may be is on everyone’s mind.     

Allah,God, Bhagwan and Raam , I believe that all  these are  names of “ALLAH”.  People have invoked His mercy and forgiveness as decreed by their respective religions .They all   pray to one God as taught by their religions for His blessings.  They also seek His blessings for peace and prosperity. This clearly proves that they all have firm faith in one God.      

Different religions express faith in their Creator. All religious people are human first then they have their identification. God created man in His own image. HE created Adam and Eve; male and female. Adam is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. Then why they are fighting against each other?   

 They fight in various forms. Sometimes they form groups to fight     against one another. Whether large or small they are constantly fighting.  On occasions it is individuals who are fighting against each other.  They may be fighting for minor reasons, but they are constantly at daggers drawn. And sometimes, it is States   that are at war.  Here the cause of   war may also be minor but thousands have died in many such conflicts.     

Human  beings were put on this Earth to share their love and help  one another.  But  by fighting, they are all doomed to eventually die and distorying the beauty of nature. If they all keep fighting, whether it  is  states at war in the name of religion and different life of sources, different social classes feeling heat from them.  

We should ask ourselves  where will  this religious  fighting take us. This is an importat question and it needs  an urgent answer.   

Fighting and war in the name of religion will only have tensions rise, and then we will all hate each other and things could get ugly.   

Should   we be fighting one another?  We should not fight but  no matter how hard we may try, the wars would  continue till the Day of Judgment.   

The Holy books tell us a lot of wonderful things about Muhammad (PBUH), Jesus, Mosa, Abraham AS and other 1, 24000 prophets. As a result, believers in the Holy books love all prophets, honor them, and believe in them.  In fact, no Muslim, christen, Jewish can be a good religious zealot unless he or she believes over these holy books and all prophet send by Allah.   

They kept worshipping the one true GOD who was worshipped by Muhammad (PBUH) Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others. All the writers of the Holy books believed that GOD is one. Hindu and Buddhist also believe on one GOD .They said they are the people of One Allah. So what is the conflict among them if GOD is same?  

In the Old Testament Allah was called by many different names, as situations dictated. GOD is indeed just One GOD. All human should highly respect Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and all  others but please do try to find true words .Hindu also believes on one GOD who is in the sky. Communists say that they do not believe in any religion. However, they too repose their trust in only one GOD.  

They have lived side by side for centuries.  They    even   have protected one another in the time of crisis.  

 Despite all   similarities or differences, we should remember that       religion is a very important factor in conduct of international affairs.  

It should also be remember that religion is not always the sole or even primary cause of conflict.  

All people from different religious, different culture and different nation respect the all religious and all the religions should respect the people as human. Religion is the identity of human. We should also remember the role of religion in peace.  All religions preach peace to their followers. We tend to forget this important teaching of religions.  

 If they respect human rights they should respect and protect religions of others.  

All the religious zealots are human fist then they have their identity like their names, religion, nationality, and their casts are secondary things. They must know and believe that they are children of one Father who was Adam and their mother is Eve .  

Therefore they should stop fighting and live and let the live others. Please think before religion we were just human and we are brother and sisters. Fight in the name of Allah, God and Bhagwan it is just craziness.   

 Life is very important for every individual. Please do not terminate the life of others.   Life is a sacred trust of God. It is His greatest favor to all human beings. We should   thank Him for bestowing us wit his favour   by protecting the life of others.    

With so much emphasis on religion as a source of conflict, the role of religion as a force in peacemaking is usually overlooked .Highlight the positive things then negative emotion of the all religion.   

Religious affiliation and conviction often motivates religious communities to advocate particular peace-related government policies. Religious communities also directly oppose repression and promote peace and reconciliation.   

Religious leaders and institutions can mediate in conflict situations, serve as a communication link between opposing sides, and provide training in peacemaking methodologies. This form of religious peacemaking garners less public attention but is growing in importance.  

Interfaith dialogue is another form of religious peacemaking. Rather than seeking to resolve a particular conflict, it aims to defuse interfaith tensions that may cause future conflict or derive from previous conflict. Interfaith dialogue is expanding even in places where interreligious tensions are highest.  

Not infrequently, the most contentious interfaith relationships can provide the context for the most meaningful and productive exchanges. Religious enthusiasts respect the human and their rights than other secondary things .It is a fact that life comes once only and no substitute of life; don’t finish the lives.  

No major religion has been exempt from complicity in violent conflict. Yet we need to beware of an almost universal propensity to oversimplify the role that religion plays in international affairs.  

 People wage wars in many different ways.  Whoever has better sources of life will try to dominate others, The reason for this may be very insignificant but often it causes tension.  It could cause rivalry and competition among us.  And this factor alone sometimes leads to war.   

 Humans use material possessions to fight one another, using that as a “look at their life and look at them”, ultimately they try to play the “survival of the fittest” card, which in war, and many countries play that card as well. Ask yourself these questions so instead of fighting each other, somehow they can help each other:   

Instead of fighting, they can use the resources that they have to help each other in better way of living as human. They can all survive and they can all live plentiful lives. The constant battle that humans share is all around us, whether it’s tension from different countries, religions or socio-economic classes. Ultimately, I think after religion another reason of fighting amoung human ,They fight each other because of “Survival of the fittest”, if you aren’t strong enough to fit into society, other humans will take you down and destroy you. By all of us working together, we can live in a place that happy and instead of us being in this constant competition with each other, we need to support one another. Respect the human as human and respect also their religious.  

If you are a human that is simply unhappy with your life, do something about it. Analyze what exactly the problem is, maybe it’s not religious, social and cultural that’s the problem, maybe it’s yourself. Once you find your happiness, spread your happiness around you. Once you help your  human fellows, you have new chance to turn the world in to heaven , live again in this world with new embitions as human not religious zealots, where supremacy of humans.

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Foeda conference in Eygpt

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 11, 2010

Participants posing after the Foeda coference in Eygpt

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Foeda Conference in Egypt

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 11, 2010

Participant are busy to take the notes in Foeda conference room Egypt

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Love Life and Wife Based on Money

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 9, 2010


It is a love story of poor Mohammad Ahmad 45 years old tourist guide who is still unmarried. He told me about his love story with some one but he can not marry her because he is poor and girl’s father has many bride demands as groom has his own home, good bank balance and car. But it is very difficult for him to mange all these  .

He said that Egyptian Marriages are very difficult for men. The customs of gulf countries are different from other western countries and that  is the reason that he is collecting money for his marriage.

He is working with a tourist agency and also drives a Taxi after his office time. He is making his bank balance gradually and looking reasonable apartment for starting his new married life.

It is the tradition and Islamic custom that man can provide every thing to his life partner when he got married. He also told me that the poor people and especially poor can not marry cause of high demand from the girl’s father
and family. The high demands of the bride’s father are to protection and safeguard the material rights of his daughter and her future life.

The poor class could not fulfill these demands and the financial issues are different from our culture. The real reason why families ask for lots of money and a house for the bride is simply that men are untrustworthy ‘if taken only
at face value,’ and when they make financial commitments, they become more serious’.

Marriage was an expensive mater for Egyptian men. Most Egyptian men have just one wife.
According to him Egyptian weddings are mostly arranged and both the families of bride and groom making inquires of the relative,colleagues, neighbors and friends as to the other’s status and accomplish.

He also told me that there is no age limit for marriage. Making your home in Cairo or any province of the Egypt is very difficult and big  task for bride groom. Men prefer to find a foreigner for life partner like European or western girls because they have not any special demands.

I told him that why you do not sit with her father, explain and discuss what you have and that you will be willing to offer her the best you can afford, and yes everything in Egypt is negotiable, even this issue. And if they turn you down because you can’t afford some bricks in Cairo where cockroaches will have a blast while you’re gone most of the year, then save yourself from the trouble and let them decide for the future of their daughter.
He said that he loves her too much and he can not live without her. He said that he has many beautiful dreams with her but the financial barrier doesn’t allow him to fulfill the dreams. He told me that he often went on date with her at any coffee shop or parks but he want to live a happy married life with her.

I could not help him because this issue is very critical. I was very dishearten to meet and heard his love story. He was struggling for eight years to get his love.
In Pakistan marriage is not such a difficult task for man but unfortunately it is a hard task for girls and her families, they face many difficulties for this social marriage contract.

I hope that he will get marry with his beloved after tough, hard struggle and fulfill the demand of his beloved father to give her all basic  social rights.


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