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Cultural Blanket

Posted by sadiahaidarig on May 17, 2010

I am living in multicultural country. Pakistan is known for possessing a very rich culture. What is the culture of the people of this country? Many people in the country quite often say “we must do that since it reflects the values of our culture.” Similarly, on other occasions, they say “we must not do that because it violates the values of our culture”. The main features of the culture in Pakistan are safeguarding the honor and respect.

 Pakistan is a four provinces country with different tribes. Punjab has its own culture, Sind has its own, Baluchistan has its own and the Frontier Province has its own culture. Every culture is different form other but it possesses its own grandeur. People who are keen to learn about ancient times come here to seek further information about it .

It may appear amazing to some but its a hard fact that the culture of the people of Pakistan had existed on this land much before the creation of the country. Pakistan, as it is known today was created in the year 1947.

During this very long period, history was written and re-written. The people were compelled to think about their future and this also kept changing their priorities and hence it also had effect on the culture. History in fact has left its deep mark on the culture of Pakistan. It would be correct to say that the history had dictated its terms to the culture of the land. It is on account of history that different forms of culture could be found in Pakistan at different places Each province has a distinct culture of its own.

The people take pride in culture of their respective provinces. It does not mean in any sense that they stand divided over the matter. Rather this diversity in culture is a source of strength and pride of the people of Pakistan Thus the culture of Pakistan is most dear to the people and many of its qualities are held in the highest esteem. .  Shalwar ,Qamiz ,Suit ,Sharwani with jinnah cap for man and same for ladies but Hijaab is must for ladies in different areas in my . It is worn by people of all the four provinces. But now a day people just preference to wear just English suits in offices and Shalwar Qamiz in formally.

The people of Pakistan celebrate all Islamic events like Arabic countries in a year. Public Holiday is declared for several days on each occasion. The people throughout the length and the breadth of the country celebrate these holidays with great festivity. They wear best and new dress for the two occasions. It could be said that these two festivals are among the most features of our culture. These event are uncomplete without bangles and Hinna for ladies and Gift Eidi for Kids.The diversity in culture brings forth the magnificence everywhere and where the smell of Henna attracts elderly women and young girls in all special events alike marrageparties .There are girls who could be seen dancing with Henna’s hand at the beat of drum on the advent of weeding party and especially in spring season when their colorful stoles and dupaatas could be seen floating in the air in sheer ecstasy as they swing under the oak trees. Where the boys could be seen running behind the cutting kites on the streets as they fly in the air .Where old man sitting in his cart and busy with his tobacco pipe (Huqa or Shisha) and calling out loudly without loudspeaker to his son or daughter for helping, where kids are running and playing hide and seek in the open streets, young boys playing cricket on the narrow streets and breaking windows of houses and automobiles, where people enjoy cock, quail and dog fighting .This is beauty of my culture you can just find here. 

As sports are the real pastime and recreation for the majority of Pakistanis. Kabaddi and Kushti (indigenous wrestling), horse riding (specially tent pegging), polo, are some of the indigenous sports that are widely played all over Pakistan, but cook fighting ,dog fighting and quail fighting are special sports of inside the old cites .

People love dance when they feel happy.Folk dances are very popular all over the country in varying forms. Owing to the Islamic culture, mostly men take part in dances publicly; however female dancers too exhibit their skills in group dances and individual in the wedding parties and in special occasions. All four province have their dances and in every province have many small tribes those tribes have their own dances.Dances are “Luddi and Bhangra” are famous dances in Punjab, at the beat of big drums and are normally related to harvest season (top right), while “Khatak Dance” basically a sword dance is much popular in NWFP .Khatak dance is the reflection of the Arabs . Musical instruments like Dhol(drum), Shehnai (clairnet), sitar (three stringed instrument), sarod, alghoza (two wind piped flute) and flute are some of the widely used instruments.

My culture is full of love where lovers die for each other and sacrifice their lives for their beloved .My land is full of love stories where many lovers lie buried in the same grave for each other but still live in the hearts of people, their fables and songs people say and sing to pay tribute them. Some famous lovers whose stories are passed on from generation to generation are Heer-Ranja, Sooni-Mahiwal, Sasi-Puno, Sahiba-Mirza. Their love stories ended in tragedy. Some of them were killed by their rivals.


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