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Five Innocents Brutally Murdered without Any Charge by Forces in Pakistan-More victims of War against Terror

Posted by sadiahaidarig on May 25, 2011

QUETTA: Five foreigner people were killed including three women one was seven months having a baby in fake encounter by security forces in Quetta city of Balochistan province of Pakistan . While police and other law enforcement agencies’ investigators are silent about the killing on Tuesday of five Chechen suspects, witnesses say they were unarmed, had not put up any resistance and appeared ready to surrender.

Hospital sources said on Wednesday that the three women and two men had died on the spot of multiple bullet wounds and one of the woman was killed seven month pregnant.

All the bodies were found at a picket of the Frontier Corps surrounded by barbed wires.

According to officials who tried to reconstruct the scene, the suspects had gone to the checkpoint for shelter or to surrender
when they saw a heavy contingent of law enforcement personnel who had rushed to Killi Khezi after receiving a wireless message from a police post on the Airport Road about the entry into the area of a vehicle carrying suspected foreigners.

According to sources, they had hired the vehicle in Kuchlak, for coming to Quetta with the help of two local people. They had crossed two police posts, but policemen deployed at the third one told them to accompany them to the police station near the airport. While on way to the police station, the local men and the driver forcibly offloaded a policeman accompanying them and sped away. After some time, the driver, Ataullah, stopped the vehicle and refused to take them to Quetta. The Chechens stepped off the vehicle, offered prayers in a mosque in Killi Khezi and asked local people to guide them to an address.But all of a sudden they found themselves surrounded by police and Frontier Corps personnel.The frightened Chechens moved to the nearby FC post, apparently to surrender or take refuge.” They raised their hands as a gesture of surrender but law enforcement personnel opened indiscriminate fire at them,” witness Irfan Khan alleged.

A private TV channel telecast the shooting by security personnel and an injured woman waving her hand and pleading with them to stop firing.

“An investigation is under way on the basis of information being collected from some mobile phones and a diary,” Quetta police chief Daud Junejo told Dawn on Wednesday night. He insisted that the Chechens were armed and had hurled a grenade at the checkpost.However, no other official of the security agencies involved in the firing was ready to comment on the incident.

People who witnessed the action of law enforcement personnel expressed doubts about the official claims, saying that no
suicide vests, grenades or weapons were found from the bodies. Their hands and feet were tied with ropes. They were seems innocent. They begged their lives.

“I did not see any suicide jacket or bomb strapped to the bodies,” a senior journalist who was at the place when the incident took place told .

A senior police officer who had searched the bodies also said not even a knife had been found.

“Only five passports were found in their pockets,” he added.

The statements of police and FC officials were contradictory, too. Police said the Chechens were carrying suicide jackets, while FC officials claimed that they had grenades in their hands. Another question being raised here is why the suspects were not arrested when they were injured.

“They could have been arrested alive because they were unarmed,” an officer of a law enforcement agency said.

He said the suspects could have provided useful information. The officer said he believed that security personnel opened fire out of a fear that the suspects might have been wearing suicide vests. The bodies were lying in the morgue of the Bolan Medical Complex after postmortem.

Sources said the Chechens had not crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan in the recent past and it appeared that they had come to Kuchlak from North Waziristan.

Their passports had expired two years ago, an official said.

Amanullah Kasi adds: The Balochistan National Party-M, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, both factions of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam and Jamaat-i-Islami have called for an impartial investigation into the incident.Leaders of the parties said there were contradictions in the statements of security forces. They claimed that they had information about the arrival of terrorists intending to carry out suicide attacks, but failed to explain how the suspects had managed to reach Kuchlak, near the provincial capital.

The leaders said all vehicles were searched at the Baleli checkpoint by FC, police and Levies personnel, but the Chechens appeared to have dodged them.

They said that if the security forces’ version of the incident had been correct, the suicide vests would have blown up when police and FC personnel opened fire on the ‘terrorists’.

Residents of Kharotabad said to media that police had made illegal demands on the foreigners before carrying out the “fake encounter”.

The residents were flanked by Provincial Joint Secretary Tehrik-e-Insaaf Saifur Rehman.

“The Chechen nationals were unarmed and possessed no explosive material. They were carrying prayer books, shampoos and some cloths,” the residents said.

The postmortem report belies Quetta police’s claim that all the five foreigners, two men and three women, had died in an explosion. A medico-legal officer of the BMC Teaching Hospital said that as many as 21 bullets were found from the bodies of the deceased.

Police surgeon Dr Baqar Shah, who conducted autopsies on the five bodies, said one of the deceased women was seven moths pregnant. “Body of the 25 to 30-year-old woman bore multiple marks of wounds. We have recovered four bullets from her body that caused her instant death,” he said, adding there was no splinter wound on her body. However, the surgeon added that the other four bodies bore multiple marks of splinter wounds.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani on Friday ordered a judicial inquiry into the killing of the five Chechens, who possessed Russian passports.

However, the chief secretary advised that a judicial probe by a high court judge would cover all the aspects of the foreigner’s deaths in Quetta. The Balochistan governor has also presented a similar suggestion.

Under the Balochistan Tribunals Inquiry Ordinance 1969, Raisani has made a request to the chief justice of the Balochistan High Court for assigning the task of the judicial inquiry to a senior judge.

Human rights groups hailed the chief minister’s decision to go for a judicial probe. Human right activists questioned police and others that how come a pregnant woman, in advanced stage of pregnancy, can accompany terrorists or was involved in a terror act.


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