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Angry mob burn 100 Christian houses in Lahore alleged blasphemy

Posted by sadiahaidarig on March 9, 2013

mob-blasphemy-afp-670A highly-charged mob of thousands burnt more than 100 Christian houses in Badami Bagh area of Lahore city in Pakistan on Saturday to “take revenge of the blasphemy” allegedly committed by a Christian two days earlier.

According to some news sources the angry mob attacked on the Christian community in Joseph Colony!

The leader of the mob is one “Shafiq Ahmed”. We know his name, we know this is an enormous atrocity, we know these were innocent victims and yet we are willing to silently sweep this under the carpet,local media sources.

The SHO was allegedly “forced” to register an FIR against the “accused” to “placate” the mob. The Law Minister announced that the “accused” is in police custody. The “accused” being the poor Pakistani Christian, rather than those devils who whipped the mob into a killing frenzy.

Eyewitnesses said that the mob broke into the houses, looted them and burnt the remaining belongings on the roads.

Human rights activists claim the laws are often used to settle personal vendettas and last year two prominent politicians were assassinated apparently for speaking out against the legislation.This is a crime against humanity and the culprits should be brought to justice.

Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive subject in Pakistan – a nation of 180 million people, 97 per cent of whom are Muslims, and those convicted of defaming Islam or desecrating the Quran can face life imprisonment or even the death penalty.


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