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Flying Kite Is Crime

Posted by sadiahaidarig on May 9, 2015

11188307_10153848275864466_818089674474188157_nAn eight-year-old kid stands handcuffed as he committed a crime. He has not committed any mischief nor has he committed a murder.He is just a child and even does not know what wrong has he done. He might not even be knowing that what could be called right or wrong. He could be called a small boy. He has been flying a kite when police arrested him. This has been declared unlawful in some parts of Pakistan. This has been done perhaps for some right reasons. But does this justify handcuffing an eight-year-old parading him in front of cameras , terrorizing him and humiliating in front of the whole world. We had indulged in a minor sport of kite flying but by disgracing him we have put ourselves in shame in front of millions. This photo is bound to be splashed across so many lands. He should have been mildly warned and warned against doing it again. We say it everyday our children are our hope for the future. Is this how we are hoping for our future. This child will feel insult all his life. We should refrain from insulting our future.Violation of human right and law in Pakistan is very normal issue.


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